Guide to the Best Margs

Okay, this list has nothing to do with being an Xennial, except maybe that I’ve become more discriminate in my taste as I’ve gotten older; no neon green drinks here. But really – I just love margaritas.

These are my current faves around town. Evaluations were based on house margaritas, as that’s my general go-to.



Here at the Tip Jar, we like to support local as much as possible. But…Bartaco is just really good! And they don’t really feel like a chain. I love the fresh juice in their margaritas – it’s refreshing and sweet without being syrupy. One of the best!

Downtown/So Bro


Bakersfield is another chain, but it’s a small one, only in select “it” cities, and I could live on their queso alone. But when the margarita comes in a mason jar, you know it’s going to be good. And theirs is.

Margaritaville Hotel

Okay, I know – the Margaritaville Hotel is as touristy as it gets. But…should you be downtown and in need of a good margarita, the hotel literally named after the drink is a great choice. Head up to their pool deck to the Fins bar where you’ll find an entire booklet of margaritas, including a “Perfect” margarita with lime juice. For consistency, I got their house which uses a mix, and it was great, too.

A little extra: Margaritaville offers 15% off for locals! So be sure to mention that you live in Nashville.

Miranda Lambert’s Casa Rosa

I don’t typically expect to have a good cocktail on Broadway – just give me Titos and soda or a beer, please. But, Miranda’s bar is the exception, and they make a delicious marg! The food is also pretty good, too, but plan for a long wait if you’re there on the weekend.

East Nash

Rosepepper Cantina

The people might revolt if Rosepepper were not included on any “best margs” list. It’s not my personal favorite – a little too heavy on the tequila and light on the rest for my taste. But, it’s a Nashville institution and always a fun time. So definitely try it out, but make sure you have a ride home. You’ll need it.



Sadie’s house marg is the least traditional on this list, with a Mediterranean twist that includes sherry, apricot liqueur, and orange marmalade. If that sounds weird, try it anyway. You will NOT be sorry, I promise. (And if you want to hedge your bets, order it during happy hour!)


Butchertown Hall

Another queso and margarita combo that I seem to have no ability to resist, Butchertown Hall is one of my favorite spots in Nashville. Dip out of work early and get both on special at their happy hour (ends at 5 pm) – or catch a Sunday afternoon happy hour from 4-6 pm.

The Gulch

Saint Anejo

Saint Anejo’s Casa Perfecta is indeed…perfecta. Bring a friend and order a pitcher – they’re half price until 6, Monday-Friday!



Latin-inspired small plates, Nada is bougie and beautiful, and that’s what we love about it. The house Nadarita is delicious, but they also have a very extensive tequila list if you’d like to upgrade. And make sure you get the street corn!

The Nations

el Paseo Cantina

Old houses turned restaurants are some of my favorite spots, and el Paseo just FEELS authentic. The margs are good and so are the tacos, and with an outdoor patio surrounded by twinkle lights, el Paseo provides everything you want in a Mexican restaurant. Catch them for happy hour and try the margaritas on special!

Sylvan Park

Pancho and Lefty’s

The downtown location is closed, so we’ll have to evaluate after they reopen in Melrose in Fall 2022. But, I am a regular at the Sylvan Park Pancho and Lefty’s. Their covered patio is perfect for summer marg sipping, and while I typically stick to a traditional margarita, they always have fun seasonal flavors on the menu.

Various Locations


You will not often see a super chain on Tip Jar list. But…I have a soft spot for Chuy’s that is solely attributable to their margaritas and their chips and creamy jalapeno dip. I could drink both for the rest of my life and be perfectly content. Great for when you just want something familiar, need to accommodate different budgets, or have a large group – don’t rule out Chuy’s. And…you’ll find them on the happy hour guide!

Las Palmas

Is Las Palmas the best margarita in town? No. But, sometimes you’re just in the mood for inexpensive Mexican food, a marg that gets the job done, and drippy, creamy white queso. And Las Palmas does not disappoint. Their happy hour also goes until 8:00, so you can get those margaritas for half price!

Those are my favorites, but what are yours? Any surprising places like Sadie’s that we all need to try? Leave a comment below with your tips, and happy sipping!

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