Places that Serve Mocktails in Nashville

Welcome to your 30s and 40s where sobriety is not only normal, it’s celebrated! Whether it’s for moral, health, or personal reasons – or you just need a break – abstaining is in vogue, and our Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) would be so proud! Here are the places that serve mocktails in Nashville.

While most any bartender would be glad to throw a little cranberry juice into club soda, the following bars and restaurants are very friendly to non-drinkers, offering at least three mocktail/zero proof cocktail options so everyone can still have a fun, delicious (and Instagramable!) drink.

12 South

Buttermilk Ranch

Of course the very trendy BMR has plenty of juices, coffees, and ice cream shakes/floats to choose from. But, they also offer several craft mocktails – in addition to their impressive alcoholic beverages menu. Just be sure to go at an off-time or get on the wait list early! It’s popular for a reason.


City Winery

City Winery is obviously known for, well, wine. But, they also offer an impressive cocktail list, which includes quite a few inventive zero proof cocktails.


Mimo is the flagship restaurant in the Four Seasons. Their cocktail list is extensive, creative, and inclusive – it includes 3 mocktails (and a non-alcoholic beer thrown in!).

Oak Steakhouse

The swanky steakhouse downtown offers five mocktail selections – some with zero proof liquor, some just with fun, tasty ingredients.

Pushing Daisies

This underground margarita bar is a vibe. It simultaneously gives speakeasy and Vegas club – a rare combo. But have no fear if you’re not a tequila drinker or a drinker of anything for that matter. They have three different craft cocktails that will both taste delicious and save you quite a bit of money over the stronger stuff.


Located in the Joseph hotel, Yolan is a fine dining experience with a seasonal menu that includes several mocktail options. Be sure to follow their socials for special events, including tastings and pasta making courses.

East Nash

Places that Serve Mocktails in Nashville - The Fox

The Fox Bar and Cocktail Club

The Fox is a dramatic step back in time, and its menu is designed to fit the ambience. But, among all the Old Fashioneds and Manhattans, you’ll also find an impressive trio of craft non-alcoholic cocktails so good the liquor will not be missed.

Sid Gold’s Request Room

Sid Gold’s hosts arguably the most creative, fun events in town, and thanks to an inventive non-alcoholic cocktail list, everyone can join in the fun!


Old Glory

One of New Nashville’s originally speakeasies, Old Glory was early on the craft cocktail train. While they only offer two zero-proof cocktails, they also carry kombucha and Liquid Death water, so you can look like you’re drinking a beer, anyway.

A little extra: If you’ve not been to Old Glory, here’s a tip – the entrance is in the alley off of Edgehill and behind Sadies, Bella Napoli, etc. There is no sign, but there is a gold triangle that marks the door.


Another favorite of mine, Sadie’s has got to be one of the prettiest restaurants in Nashville – and their margarita is one of the best. While they only offer two zero-proof drinks, Sadie’s also features two low-proof options. So, if you want to indulge very moderately, you’re in luck!


Le Loup

When the menu is basically just oysters and cocktails, you know the drinks are going to be good. But, Le Loup doesn’t leave the designated drivers out of the fun! Their menu includes four zero proof cocktails, and in true craft cocktail fashion, I don’t even know what half of the ingredients are!

Green Hills

The GreenHouse Bar

The GreenHouse is one of the most original bars I’ve ever been to. Despite being in the middle of the Green Hills hustle and bustle, when you step inside the GreenHouse (literally in a green house), you’re transported to an oasis full of plants and cozy nooks for seating. They offer four different mocktails, so there’s something for everyone’s taste.

The Gulch


Located at the top of the W hotel, Proof offers great views, a great Happy Hour, and mocktail options (which are included in the HH specials!)


Located in the heart of the Gulch, Sambuca offers a classy night of dinner and a show, with live (non-honky tonk) music every night. And, they boast one of the largest mocktail menus in town, with 6 unique offerings!



Sinema wins the award for the most offerings for non-drinkers. They have four mocktail options, as well as zero-proof wine and beer! No matter your taste, you’re sure to find something at Sinema that fits.

Sylvan Park


Hathorne is quickly becoming one of my go-tos for all things food and beverage – a great happy hour, diet-friendly, and a strong collection of non-alcoholic “signature” cocktails. They also serve Maypop Sparkling Water, and I just really like those guys.


Lola is the stuff of Spanish tapas dreams. Warm, intimate, and featuring a rotating drink menu that includes both cocktails and mocktails, everyone can enjoy a unique, seasonal drink.


Earnest Bar and Hideaway

Okay, so I broke my 3-drinks-on-the-menu rule for Earnest. However…their menu specifically encourages folks to ask the bartenders for something special. And I just like that attention to the non-drinkers. Plus, a $5 mocktail is super reasonable, especially for a sophisticated place like Earnest.


Not a bar, but any mocktail list would be remiss without an inclusion of Killjoy, Nashville’s only N/A bottle shop! You can find non-alcoholic beer, wine, “liquors”, mixers, and even some small gifts!

West End


Avo is not only one of the healthiest restaurants in Nashville, it’s also one of the most inventive. Their drink menu has lots of alcoholic choices, of course, but several mocktail selections, as well as kombucha, sparkling tonic, CBD drinks, and several other NA options.

Multiple Locations

Common Ground

Common Ground has locations in Sylvan Park and Berry Hill, featuring a great happy hour, the most delicious boursin toast you can imagine, and several craft mocktails and a N/A beer that rivals any of their harder stuff (which is also delicious).

Southern Grist

I love a good brewery, and I love a good brewery that caters to all types of customers. Southern Grist does just that with their non-alcoholic beer options! As with their regular beer options, varieties may vary, so be sure to check their website or socials for the latest at both their East Nash and the Nations taprooms.

The Burbs


Darfons just keeps making every list, y’all! This Donelson mainstay has a great happy hour, is diet-friendly, and features three different delicious craft mocktails on their extensive cocktail list. Hip Donelson is where it’s at!

Pinky Ring Pizza

Just up Gallatin into Madison is a new pizza joint that has SO much to love. But, most exciting of all, it was designed with sobriety in mind. Currently, they offer about 10 non-alcoholic beers, with N/A wines and mocktails soon to follow! Nashville Scene did a great write-up of the new spot – it’s definitely worth a read (and a visit!)

Did I miss any? Where is your favorite spot for a mocktail – or do you have a special recipe yourself? Leave us a tip below, or shoot me an email!


If you’re abstaining from alcohol for health reasons, you may want to also check out this guide to healthy restaurants in Nashville!

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