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Streetcar Taps and Garden

I recognize that a significant proportion of my followers are women, which I think is probably true of most city-centric platforms.

But, I really try to be inclusive of all different types of people, tastes, interests, etc – just because we are all Gen X’ers, Xennials, or Elder Millenials doesn’t mean we’re all alike.

So, this one’s for the dudes. I really appreciate y’all sticking around, despite the florals and pink drinks that so often grace my feed, and Nashville has plenty of more masculine places to hang, from meat and beer joints to live music to a more sophisticated night on the town. Here’s to guys’ night!

*Links to everything coming soon (and some photos), but I ran out of time, y’all! For now, you’ll have to google.


These spots offer great bites, cold drinks, and usually something else to do while you’re hanging out.

Baja Burrito – Baja Burrito is just one of my favorite spots in Nashville. No frills, just really, really good made-to-order food (think Chipotle, but so much better).

Bringle’s – Barbecue and an outdoor space with HUGE screens and lawn games – I rest my case. They also post on their socials which games they’ll be showing on the big screens and/or with sound, so you can know going in.

Brown’s Diner – a Nashville institution, Brown’s offers good burgers, cold beer, and live music most nights. It’s in a trailer (that they recently added a patio to – swanky!), so it’s definitely giving dive.

Earnest – channel your inner Ernest Hemingway and order a rum drink at this restaurant that was originally designed with the author in mind.

Joyland – if you miss the days of grabbing a burger after the game with some buds, Joyland is the spot for you. It’s modern-old school in the best ways possible.

Martin’s Downtown – TBH, Martin’s is not my favorite bbq in town (everyone’s got their own fave, so don’t get mad!). But the space at the downtown location is tough to beat, especially for groups.

Midnight Oil – I made the mistake of ordering a Midnight Oil pizza for myself one time. Each slice was the size of my head – and it was delicious. Another no-frills spot that’s a great local hang in the Nations.

M.L. Rose – similarly to Martin’s, ML Rose is not my favorite burger. But, they are one of my favorite spots for watching a game, hanging on the patio (shout out Sylvan Park location), or grabbing a beer with some friend – they have some of the best beer specials.

Nashville Jam Co. – for a brunch worthy of even the heartiest man, check out Nashville Jam Company where the food is great, the portions are huge, and the mimosas are served in 16 oz. tumblers!

The Ridge – now this is one of my favorite bbq places in town, and it’s off the beaten path, so you never have to wait long for your food. Huge portions and lots of drink specials if you time it right.

Rock’N Dough – you know I love Rock’N Dough, but here’s why it’s great for guys night – a GIANT screen for whatever the game of the night is, tons of space, over 150 whiskeys, and craft beer brewed at their flagship location in West Tennessee. Oh, and good pizza.

Streetcar – this new spot on Charlotte Ave. has all the makings of Sylvan Park/the Nations’ new favorite neighborhood hang. Its outdoor beer garden with picnic tables is perfect for a night out with the boys.

Scoreboard – good, old fashioned bar food, reasonably priced drinks, and live music or sports (or both!) while you eat. The enclosed outdoor space has a tiki bar vibe all year round.

Twilight Tavern – one of the best places to watch sports, Twilight Tavern has a zillion TVs and its seldom overly crowded. Their bar food is some of the best in town, IMO, and they offer 2-4-1 drafts on Sundays. ON SUNDAYS!

Von Elrod’s – a beer garden with a ton of German (and other) beers on tap, as well as German-inspired bar food. Plus, their community style seating is just a fun time.


While some of these spots might have some small snacks, they’re really more known for the beverages.

Americano Lounge – Americano Lounge is a Jazz Era vibe, and whether you’re wanting cocktails or coffee, they’ve got it covered. Pairs well with Earnest, just down the street.

Brew Hop – maybe more of a guys’ day than a guys’ night activity, Brew Hop will take you and your crew around to 7 different breweries, and you can hop on and off all day. They also offer a locals’ discount – use code “LOCAL615” for $6.15 off your ticket.

Embers Ski Lodge – Embers has great HH specials and just a fun vibe. Some good snacks, too (the coconut shrimp, omg).

Never Never – this is probably the coolest “dive” I’ve ever been to. The walls are painted black and it looks like a hole in the wall from the outside, yet they serve delicious cocktails (and beer, of course) and have a great outdoor space, in front and in the back.

New Heights – I probably could have put every brewery in Nashville on this list, honestly – there are a ton and they’re all good. I love New Heights, though. Warehouse-y, creative brews, and a very loyal mug club make this a great spot for a chill bro hang.

Patterson House – PH is the type of spot that makes me want to smoke a cigar – speakeasy feels and craft cocktails, it’s the essence of cool.

Urban Cowboy – this bar was the first place I ever experienced a pretentious “mixologist”. But, that’s how you know the drinks are good. The space is cool and gives Western vibes, and the outdoor firepit adds to the ambiance.


When you just want to get out and burn some energy, with or without food/drinks, these places have you covered.

The Basement East – you’ll have to wait for a show for this one, but this place is literally named the Beast. It doesn’t get much less feminine than that. They have all kinds of fun shows that appeal to a variety of genres, ages, genders, and tastes.

HQ Arcade – Nashville has several arcades, which is just so fun. HQ has historically been one of my faves because of the vibe, extensive draft list, and old school arcade and pinball games. But, No Quarter and Game Terminal are other great options.

McCabe Golf Course – another guys’ day option, book yourself a tee time at McCabe Golf Course. But almost every man I’ve ever met raves about it whenever Sylvan Park comes up. So, I take that as a good sign.

Pins Mechanical – pin bowling, giant beer pong, giant Jenga, pinball machines and more, Pins Mechanical is just a giant, fun, loud playground.

Santa’s Pub – a trailer that sells cash-only beer ($2.50 PBRs, last time I was there, although inflation may have raised the price) and offers the best karaoke in town, Santa’s Pub is a must. But, go early or on an off-day to avoid the crowds.

Tee Line – part sports bar, part curling facility, Tee Line offers sports you can play, sports you can watch, and food and drink to refuel after either/both.

Zanies – friends who laugh together, stay together. Or something like that. Zanies brings in some of the top level talent in the comedic game. And, on Mondays, you can hear new material from a variety of folks, so you never know what you’ll get!

So, there you have it! I will admit that I ran my initial list past one of my guy friends, so many of these additions are his suggestions – still vetted by me, though!

Did I/we miss any? Leave us a tip below, and cheers!

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