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PSL’s have gotten all the hype in recent years, and they have their place, for sure. But the OG cozy fall drink is a hot (or chilled!) apple cider.

Here are the places around time where you can warm up with some delicious cider – with or without booze!

Non-Alcoholic Options

Barista Parlor

I don’t love that Barista Parlor comes first alphabetically, because it is the least cider-y of the bunch. But, they do offer a cider syrup, so that counts if you’re only looking for the flavor of cider, rather than the full apple experience.

Caliber Coffee

Y’all know my love for Caliber Coffee knows no bounds (you can find them on my best coffee shops for remote work guide!). And one of the reasons is their always-inventive menu. Check out all of the fall offerings they have – each one sounds incredible, including the cider!

East Park Donuts and Coffee

East Park is another favorite spot, making an appearance on my health-friendly guide. Not only do they have delicious donuts (healthy and otherwise!), but they also have maybe my favorite cider on this list.

Honest Coffee Roasters

Honest Coffee Roasters may win for the prettiest cider, as well as the one that will give you the most jolt – served with a shot of espresso, the “Orchard” is only available iced! Perfect for those transition days!

Humphreys Street

Another of my favorite spots (the natural light, y’all!), Humphreys Street allows you to not only drink delicious cider – paired with chai!! – but also support a great cause at the same time.

Portland Brew

One of the only (the only?) local spots I know to serve cider year round, you can’t go wrong with anything from Portland Brew. They’ve managed to keep their prices accessible, while still being delicious and trendy in the best way.


There’s still time to enjoy this fun, outdoor bar! While most of their cider offerings are alcoholic (see below), they do offer a virgin hot cider for those who want to hang, but not partake.

Ugly Mugs

Spiced tea steeped in hot cider? Sign me up! Head on over to this East Nash staple for the ultimate cozy in a cup!

Weak Coffee

Cider AND chai?! This makes me feel like a Gilmore Girls song and I’m here for it.

Boozy and Hard

Bay 6

You won’t find it on their menu, but Bay 6 in the Wash in East Nash is serving up hot buttered rum with mulled cider, and honestly, I can’t think of a better combination. Super excited to try this one.


The reigning monarch of cider in Nashville, Diskin has so many to choose from, it’s impossible not to find one you like! But, during the fall, they offer their Resolution hot – seasoned with cinnamon and spices, it just hits right.

Emery Wood Fired

I love a seasonal menu change, and Emery Wood Fired switches it all up – from the food to the cocktails. Their “Tempest” cocktail combines cider with ginger beer and some other seasonal ingredients for a delicious fall sensation.

Fairlane Hotel Rooftop

If a fall pop-up doesn’t serve cider, is it even a fall pop-up? Fortunately, the answer to that question is irrelevant, as the Fairlane’s “Falling for Fairlane” pop-up features a cocktail of cider and mezcal (!!). I honestly can’t imagine that flavor in my head, but I can’t wait to try it.


Hawkers in East Nash may be a chain, but you’d never know it by how buzzy it is – and how delicious the food and cocktails are! All of their seasonal drinks sound amazing, but the cider/tequila combo is a must-try for cider lovers.


Welcome back to Sandbar, where summer never ends! This fun spot wins the award for the most cider options, with two cold cider cocktails, and a warm cider that can be served spiked or virgin.


One of my favorite things about Tailgate is how each tap room focuses on something different. The Music Row location happens to be Tailgate’s designated cidery with 3-5 ciders regularly on tap. But, each location will feature at least one of Tailgate’s own ciders, so pick your favorite location and enjoy!

Did I miss a cider spot that you really love? How do you most enjoy cider? Leave a tip below and maybe I’ll add it to the guide! Happy fall, y’all!

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